Combining Argo CD (GitOps), Crossplane (Control Plane), And Kubevela (OAM)

Can we make Kubernetes disappear? Can we make infrastructure and application management so simple that anyone can do it? Can we leverage DevOps, SRE, ops, and sysadmin experience to create a system that would make developers autonomous? TL;DR We can do that by combining ArgoCD (GitOps), Crossplane (control plane), Kubevela (OAM), and a few other tools.

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➡ Gist with the commands:
🎬 Argo CD:
🎬 KubeVela (OAM):
🎬 Crossplane:
🎬 Combining Argo CD and Crossplane:
🎬 Crossplane Composites:
🎬 Bitnami Sealed Secrets:
🎬 Terraform vs. Pulumi vs. Crossplane:
🎬 Portainer:
🎬 Ketch:
🎬 Shipa:
🎬 Flux CD:
🎬 GitHub CLI:

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📚 DevOps Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints:
📚 Books and courses:
🎤 Podcast:
💬 Live streams:

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4 thoughts on “Combining Argo CD (GitOps), Crossplane (Control Plane), And Kubevela (OAM)

  1. Patrick

    @Viktor: This is amazing! I think you found the holy grail of IT infrastructure for medium to large organiZations!

      1. Patrick

        Sorry, didn’t notice that – I did get some errors when I executed this script though – but no bother – still very great gist. Amazing. Thanks!


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