Monthly Archives: February 2022

How To Write And Test Kubernetes Manifests With Datree

Datree is an open-source CLI tool for engineers to use in creating more stable and secure Kubernetes configurations. By revealing misconfigurations in the early stages of the pipeline, your organization can enforce its standards and secure its infrastructure from development to production.

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Running Event-Driven Pub/Sub Microservices In Kubernetes With Dapr

Dapr simplifies microservice communication through direct or event-based pub/sub messaging and helps us develop resilient and secured microservices. It performs service discovery, message broker integration, encryption, observability, secret management, and many other tasks. In this video, we are focusing on pub/sub events.

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How Microservices Communicate? Sync vs Async. Direct vs Brokers And Event Busses

How should we design communication between microservices? Should it be synchronous or asynchronous? Should it be direct or through message brokers, event bussed, and gateways?

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