DevOps MUST Build Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

Shifting left by saying “now you do it” does not work. If you want to enable developers to be productive and self-sufficient, you have to build an IDP (Internal Developer Platform).

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2 thoughts on “DevOps MUST Build Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

  1. microphones

    I 100% agree that IDPs are going to explode. I had a chat with Kaspar (humanitec) back in 2020 about their product and this whole term ‘internal developer platform’ idea. I was exploring moving dev envs to ephemeral containers on k8s and I needed a simple way for devs to launch applications. I had come across Backstage at the time at well. Unfortunately, I was kicked off that project and it was given to some ops folks to figure out. And that’s why today devs install kubectl to manage their own vclusters to do any development.

  2. AlvaPC

    I’m trying to build an IDP for a typical understaffed, underserved college that only has a few bioscience researchers and IT dept. says NOPE. I need a free IDP that creates IDPs.


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