Monthly Archives: July 2022

How GitHub Copilot And OpenAI Codex Help Developers Write Code

Can AI help us write code? Let’s see whether GitHub Copilot and OpenAI Codex are just the thing we need.

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KEDA: Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling

Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) is limited to memory and CPU metrics. It can be extended with custom metrics, but that might not be enough either. KEDA (Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling) might be the solution for all (horizontal) scaling needs.

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kpt YAML Transformation – No Helm Templates, No Kustomize Overlays

Why don’t we use “pure” YAML to define Kubernetes resources? Wouldn’t that be more “GitOps friendly” than using Helm templates or Kustomize overlays? Can kpt get us back to “pure” YAML?

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