Monthly Archives: December 2022

Diagrams as Code with Mermaid, GitHub, and Visual Studio Code

Being able to design diagrams through a GUI is great. Nevertheless, you might want to define diagrams as code if you are a developer. You might want to inject those definitions into your documentation in Markdown format. You might want to write and preview diagrams in your favorite IDE (e.g., Visual Studio Code). You might even want to visualize them inside your GitHub repositories. If that’s what you need, Mermaid might just be your tool.

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DevOps Is Dead! Long Live Platform Engineering! Did We Get Confused?

“DevOps is dead!” That’s a commonly repeated sentence these days. Some might say that Platform Engineering is replacing DevOps. But is DevOps really dead? Is it being replaced by Platform Engineering? Or maybe, we are just confused.

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How To Inspect, Plan, Migrate DB Schemas With Atlas

If you have a database (as almost everyone does), you must have a tool to manage its schema. That’s where Atlas comes in. It plans and applies schemas defined in a declarative format (HCL) or as versioned migrations. As an added bonus, it works both as a standalone CLI and as a Terraform provider.

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