How To Secure Everything Without Making Everyone Suffer

What makes a system secure? How do we secure everything, no matter whether it’s running inside Kubernetes clusters, Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), or anything else?

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🎬 Virtual Machines (VMs) Inside Kubernetes Clusters With KubeVirt:
🎬 How To Create, Provision, And Operate Kubernetes With Cluster API (CAPI):
🎬 Crossplane – GitOps-based Infrastructure as Code through Kubernetes API:
🎬 Metacontroller – Custom Kubernetes Controllers The Easy Way:
🎬 Cloud-Native Apps With Open Application Model (OAM) And KubeVela:
🎬 How To Shift Left Infrastructure Management Using Crossplane Compositions:
🎬 How to apply policies in Kubernetes using Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Gatekeeper:
🎬 Kubernetes-Native Policy Management With Kyverno:
🎬 Admission Controllers Or CLI? Kubernetes Policy Validations with Datree:
🎬 Kubernetes Validating Admission Policy Changes The Game:
🎬 Argo CD – Applying GitOps Principles To Manage A Production Environment In Kubernetes:
🎬 Flux CD v2 With GitOps Toolkit – Kubernetes Deployment And Sync Mechanism:
🎬 Rancher Fleet: GitOps Across A Large Number Of Kubernetes Clusters:
🎬 Signing And Verifying Container Images With Sigstore Cosign And Kyverno:
🎬 Manage Container (Docker) Images, Helm, CNAB, and Other Artifacts With Harbor:
🎬 Manage Kubernetes Secrets With External Secrets Operator (ESO):
🎬 Eliminate Kubernetes Secrets With Secrets Store CSI Driver (SSCSID):
🎬 Bitnami Sealed Secrets – How To Store Kubernetes Secrets In Git Repositories:

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