How To Build A UI For An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) With Port?

A UI is an almost unavoidable component in internal developer platforms (IDP). In the past, the only widely accepted choice was Backstage. Today, we have Port as a (potentially) better choice for the Web UI part of your developer portal.

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2 thoughts on “How To Build A UI For An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) With Port?

  1. Patrick

    Hi Victor
    I think as a “con”, you forgot to mention, that there are no CRDs / there is no Operator to define the discovery of resources.

    1. Viktor Farcic Post author

      I think I mentioned it during the video but forgot to add it to the “cons” section at the end. That is, indeed, my main complaint. I spoke with the team behind Port and they are working on it so, hopefully, it’ll be available soon.


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