Monthly Archives: May 2023

Performance Testing – What? Why? How? When? (with Ddosify Examples)

What is performance testing? What do we measure with performance testing? How should we define performance tests? How and where should we run performance tests? Is it enough to run performance tests? Should we do performance testing?

Examples are provided through Ddosify.

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How To Create A Complete Internal Developer Platform (IDP)?

It’s time to build an internal developer platform (IDO) with Crossplane, Argo CD, SchemaHero, External Secrets Operator (ESO), GitHub Actions, Port, and a few others.

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How To Create A “Proper” CLI With Shell And Charm Gum

Would you like to create a “proper” CLI writing a Bash script instead of having to do it in Go, Python, or any other language? Charm Gum is a CLI framework that allows you to do just that. It enables you to make “glamorous Shell scripts”.

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