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Kubernetes Native Policy Management With Kyverno

Successful Kubernetes usage at scale depends on policy enforcement. Among the possible solutions, Kyverno sicks from the crowd by being specifically designed to be Kubernetes Native Policy Management.

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Using Rancher For Creating And Managing Kubernetes Clusters

How can we create and manage Kubernetes clusters on-prem or in Cloud? How can we manage our clusters across providers and regions? Can Rancher and Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) help us with those and other similar tasks? Can we use it to manage clusters no matter whether they are in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), DigitalOcean, Linode, VMWare, and other Cloud providers as well as in our own on-prem datacenters?

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Tekton – Kubernetes Cloud-Native CI/CD Pipelines And Workflows

Tekton is a powerful and flexible open-source framework for creating CI/CD systems aiming at becoming a de-facto standard for running pipelines and workflows in Kubernetes. It allows developers to build, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premise systems.

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Github Actions review and tutorial

What is GitHub actions? How to use GitHub Actions, and does it work? How can we leverage its marketplace, and what is the pricing? Is it a good solution for CI/CD pipelines? Let’s answer those and other questions through tutorial and review.

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GitHub CLI – How to manage repositories more efficiently

Most of us are used to using GitHub through it’s Web UI. However, that might not be the best or the most efficient way to operate our repositories. CLI might be a much better choice.

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What is microservices architecture?

What are microservices architecture? Why do we use microservices? How do microservices talk to each other? How do we test microservices? What are the problems with microservices?

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Shipa – A Kubernetes platform from developer’s perspective

Can we have a platform that helps developers deploy, manage, and monitor their applications without going into all the details behind Kubernetes? Shipa might be one such platform.

In this video, we’re exploring Shipa from the developer’s perspective. One of the upcoming videos will go through parts of Shipa related to the work operators, sysadmins, SREs, or platform managers are doing.

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