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Microservices: The Essential Practices

Before we jump and try to explore the practices we must master in order to successfully implement microservices architecture, let us briefly refresh our understanding of monolithic applications.
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Configuration Management in the Docker World

Anyone managing more than a few servers can confirm that doing such a task manually is a waste of time and risky. Configuration management (CM) exists for a long time and there is no single reason I can think of why one would not use one of the tools. The question is not whether to adopt one of them but which one to choose. Those that already embraced one or the other and invested a lot of time and money will probably argue that the best tool is the one they chose. As things usually go, the choices change over time and the reasons for one over the other might not be the same today as they were yesterday. In most cases, choices are not based on available options but by the architecture of the legacy system we are sworn to maintain. If such systems are to be ignored or someone with enough courage and deep pockets would be willing to modernize them, today’s reality would be dominated by containers and microservices. In such a situation, the choices we made yesterday are definitely different from choices we could make today.
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