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The Best DevOps Tools, Platforms, And Services In 2023?

What are the top DevOps tools, platforms, and services we should use in 2023?

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Helm And Kustomize Replacement? Jsonnet With Grafana Tanka

Can Jsonnet with Tanka replace Helm and Kustomize?

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kpt YAML Transformation – No Helm Templates, No Kustomize Overlays

Why don’t we use “pure” YAML to define Kubernetes resources? Wouldn’t that be more “GitOps friendly” than using Helm templates or Kustomize overlays? Can kpt get us back to “pure” YAML?

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Werf: Glue Together Git, Docker, Helm, Kubernetes For CI/CD Pipelines

werf is designed to glue together Git, Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes. It is meant to be used in CI/CD pipelines. Let’s see whether it can be helpful to manage our k8s applications.

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Bitnami Kubeapps – Application Dashboard for Kubernetes

Kubeapps by Bitnami (now VMWare) is an application dashboard for Kubernets, which apps being defined as Helm charts. It is any good? Should you use it?

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Helm vs Kustomize – The Fight Between Templating and Patching in Kubernetes

Kustomize and Helm serve the same primary function. Both allow us to define applications in a more flexible way than using only Kubernetes manifests. However, the way Helm solves the problem is quite different from the approach adopted with Kustomize. Which one is better? Which one should you choose?

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