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What Is Kubernetes Ingress And How Does It Work?

What is Kubernetes Ingress and how does it work? In this video, we will learn how Kubernetes Ingress works and how it can be used to expose applications running in a Kubernetes cluster.

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Gateway API – Ingress And Service Mesh Spec Replacement?

Ingress and service mesh specifications are about to be replaced with Gateway API. Let’s see it in action!

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Kubernetes Ingress Compared To Docker Swarm Equivalent

This article is part of the series that compares Kubernetes and Docker Swarm features.

Both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm have Ingress, and it might sound compelling to compare them and explore the differences. While that, on the first look, might seem like a right thing to do, there is a problem. Ingress works quite differently across the two.

Swarm Ingress networking is much more similar to Kubernetes Services. Both can, and should, be used to expose ports to clients both inside and outside a cluster. If we compare the two products, we’ll discover that Kubernetes Services are similar to a combination of Docker Swarm’s Overlay and Ingress networking. The Overlay is used to provide communication between applications inside a cluster, and Swarm’s Ingress is a flavor of Overlay network that publishes ports to the outside world. The truth is that Swarm does not have an equivalent to Kubernetes Ingress Controllers. That is, if we do not include Docker Enterprise Edition to the mix.
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