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KubeSphere – Kubernetes Platform For Cloud-Native App Management

KubeSphere Kubernetes platform is a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management. Should you use it?

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Bitnami Kubeapps – Application Dashboard for Kubernetes

Kubeapps by Bitnami (now VMWare) is an application dashboard for Kubernets, which apps being defined as Helm charts. It is any good? Should you use it?

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k9s Kubernetes UI – A Terminal-Based Vim-Like Kubernetes Dashboard

K9s is a terminal-based Vim-like Kubernetes UI.

Everyone is used to Web and desktop dashboards. Kubernetes users are divided between those who prefer performing operations through UIs or through a terminal. How about combining the two modes of operations? K9s is giving us just that. It provides a terminal-based Vim-like UI for operating and observing k8s clusters.

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Kubevious: Kubernetes Dashboard That Isn’t A Waste Of Time

After many failed attempts to find a Kubernetes dashboard that is actually useful (even a little bit), I finally stumbled upon Kubevious. There is finally a Kubernetes UI I can recommend.

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