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Admission Controllers Or CLI? Kubernetes Policy Validations with Datree

Datree is known as a great solution for client-side manifest scanning and policy enforcement. That just changed with the introduction of Kubernetes admission controllers. Datree now supports both, so it’s time to revisit the project and see whether it is a good choice for server-side validations and policy enforcement.

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Helm And Kustomize Replacement? Jsonnet With Grafana Tanka

Can Jsonnet with Tanka replace Helm and Kustomize?

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kpt YAML Transformation – No Helm Templates, No Kustomize Overlays

Why don’t we use “pure” YAML to define Kubernetes resources? Wouldn’t that be more “GitOps friendly” than using Helm templates or Kustomize overlays? Can kpt get us back to “pure” YAML?

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