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Kubernetes Ephemeral (Temporary) Environments Explained

What are ephemeral (temporary) environments (in or out of Kubernetes)? Why are they important? How can you use them? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? What are the alternatives? What are the tools? In this video, we go through local development environments, remote development environments, and preview or pull request (PR) environments.

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DevSpace – Development Environments in Kubernetes

DevSpace is a lightweight open-source CLI tool that enables local and remote development environments in Kubernetes.

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How To Create Virtual Kubernetes Clusters With vcluster By loft

Can we incorporate database schema migrations into our processes? Can we do it in a Kubernetes-native way and through GitOps tools like Argo CD or Flux? Can SchemaHero be Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters can easily become a burdan. Giving each tenant a Namespace might be too limiting. Can we combine both? Can we solve the multi-tenancy problem by using virtual Kubernetes clusters? Can vcluster from loft be the solution?

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