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How To Secure Everything Without Making Everyone Suffer

What makes a system secure? How do we secure everything, no matter whether it’s running inside Kubernetes clusters, Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), or anything else?

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Bitnami Sealed Secrets – How To Store Kubernetes Secrets In Git Repositories

Bitnami Sealed Secrets allow us to encrypt secrets safe to store in Git repositories, private or public.

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Kubernetes Secrets Compared To Docker Swarm Secrets

This article is part of the series that compares Kubernetes and Docker Swarm features.

Secrets are very similar to Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Docker Swarm configs. Everything we said for configurations applies to Secrets, with a few additional features.

Both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm stores Secrets in tmpfs inside containers. From that aspect, they are equally secure. The significant difference is in the way Secrets are stored internally.
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