10 Must-Have Kubernetes Tools

What are the top 10 Kubernetes tools I used (almost) every day? Which are the best and the most important k8s tools everyone should use?

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➡ Gist with the commands: https://gist.github.com/bc1188d2a4b8d5295890e9c5438b9ce4
🎬 How To Replace Docker With nerdctl And Rancher Desktop: https://youtu.be/evWPib0iNgY
🎬 k9s Kubernetes UI – A Terminal-Based Vim-Like Kubernetes Dashboard: https://youtu.be/boaW9odvRCc
🎬 Argo CD – Applying GitOps Principles To Manage A Production Environment In Kubernetes: https://youtu.be/vpWQeoaiRM4
🎬 Flux CD v2 With GitOps Toolkit – Kubernetes Deployment And Sync Mechanism: https://youtu.be/R6OeIgb7lUI
🎬 How To Shift Left Infrastructure Management Using Crossplane Compositions: https://youtu.be/AtbS1u2j7po
🎬 Cloud-Native Apps With Open Application Model (OAM) And KubeVela: https://youtu.be/2CBu6sOTtwk
🎬 Kubernetes-Native Policy Management With Kyverno: https://youtu.be/DREjzfTzNpA
🎬 How to apply policies in Kubernetes using Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Gatekeeper: https://youtu.be/14lGc7xMAe4
🎬 GitHub CLI – How to manage repositories more efficiently: https://youtu.be/BII6ZY2Rnlc

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